Friday, 6 July 2012

Time To Move..... Playstation Move

The technological innovation in gaming has reached new heights, for me nothing comes close to a good game where all my troubles and stress can be released. Whether its in Fifa 12, and im playing as Arsenal and Pumpelling Manchester United 8-2 for last seasons disastrous start to the season, or if its this summer the issues with Robin Van Persie and selling him, gaming is a cool and therapeutic method in this day an age. Therefore me stumbling across the playstation move and these addictive games has added a new level in admoration for the developers at sony.If you never seem to be able to get out of the house and off to the gym, then I recommend the Move Fitness game, its very affordable and surprisingly very affective. Theres a vast amount of different exercises in this game, from jumping jacks to sparing in boxing, from shooting hoops to side lunges, theres a definately enough choice for everyone. If your body conscious and find it hard to go to the gym, but you love to dance, then Dancestar Party and Move Fitness will get you having fun exercising, and more importantly boost self confidence and make it easier for you to make the step to enter the gym. I chose to purchase the Dancestar Party also because of night outs with friends, this game can definately be a great way to get people laughing (ESPECIALLY WITH MY FRIENDS). I also bought The Fight because of the effectiveness of throwing some punches, and seeing someone crumble under the force of my punches to me and for most guys will makes for a fun work out. So I recommend trying these games out

Game Prices vary but can be purchased from Game and all major retailers

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