Thursday, 5 July 2012

Olivia Olivia Olivia

Thursday the 28th of June, 'the family' was invited for a meal on the house at an Italian restaurant in Norway called Olivia. First time I went to Olivia I was very disappointed with the food and the lack of customer service. Initially we went there to celebrate my birthday late and celebrating that Kristin (my girlfriend) and her sister had finished their bachelor degrees. My sister-in-law was appalled by the bad and cold food as well as a waitor that did not care the slightest about his customers, so she e-mailed the restaurant to explain the situation. The restaurant e-mailed her back to apologise, and invited us to come back and eat a meal including wine and beverages for free. The evening was filled with Prosecco, Red wine, Disaronno for myself and a range of amazing Italian dishes. It started off with multiple trays of different types of hams and

salami's, foccaccia bread, garlic  dressing, olives and green pesto. Meanwhile eating these starters we where still being showered with all types of wine (and dissaronno for me). The Italian tradition suggests that after the starters you are supposed to eat Pizza, a pre main course. We got three large Italian pizza's filled with spicy scampi and beef, another spicy chicken with cheese sauce onions, and a ham based pizza full of a variety of parma hams. The main course included entrecote with baked potatoes and green beans, cod with baked potatoes and cream sauce, pressed veal rolled in breadcrumbs and spices and served with potatoes and rocket. These three meals where served in huge dishes, more than enough for the five of us. After this humungous main course we were stuffed to the max, but  Cappucinos and Ea variety of desserts were served (pannacotta, chocolate sufflĂ©, Tiramisu and several types of ice creams including white chocolate, MY FAVOURITE!!). The desserts were served with espresso's and cappucino's. A once in a lifetime experience. Great food, Great personell and Great atmosphere! I highly recommend this restaurant, however go to the Olivia restaurant in 'Bogstadveien, Majorstuen'!

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