Saturday, 30 June 2012

Common Law

Common law

A programme that is taking america by storm, with great ratings and a cast that on the common eye might not seem that star studded, but the chemistry between these two Michael Ealy and Warren Kole, in my opinion will make for this show to be a huge hit. These two are the finest detectives in the robbery homocide department for the LAPD, with a long 7 year history of working together comes a lot of disagreements and childish behaviour on both parts. This is key to what makes this show a great watch, great one liners and replies make this programme family safe, and enjoyable.The show centres on these twos dysfunctional relationship which threatens to hinder their work, which causes their captain to register them for a weekly mandatory counselling session, but it is because of their dysfunctional relationship usually leads them to the criminal and the solving of the case. This show airs on fridays in america on CBS and worldwide dates havent been released as of yet.

I rate this show 4.5 out of 5 and i am immensely confident you all will like this programme.


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