Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Series Of The Week

It's been a while but i'm glad to say i'm back up and running again and so is my weekly 'series of the week' post. This week's series is one I absolutely adore because its family friendly genre. I enjoy watching this series because it brings me back to my childhood and all my happy memories. It premieres on Americas ABC and is pulling in huge ratings.

As mentioned earlier it is suitable for all age groups and has a good plot with loveable characters. My favourite character in this series has to be Rumpel Stiltskin who has played superbly by Robert Carlyle. I simply adore his freedom with the role and his effortless facial expressions and sinister sounds.

The lead role is played by Jennifer Morrison who is confronted on her 28th birthday by her now 10 year old son Henry who she gave up for adoption after birth and who has been adopted by the wicked witch in a modern town by the name of Storybrook Mayne. All the residents are characters from different fairytales, but the city and the people that lives there have been put under a spell and therefore they have forgotten who they are. The Wicked Witch is played beautifully by Lana Parilla and i must say she plays it with a certain je ne c'est quoi. I can't give this series enough credit, so why not check it out? The show airs in the Uk on Channel 5 this spring or you can do what you have to do to view it earlier :P


  1. what about desperate housewives, OTH and Greys Anatomy :P ? ;)

  2. Haha Kari :) Yes they are all great series, but im always on the lookout for new series and this one right up my alley. pretty much everyone knows about those 3 you know :S