Friday, 17 February 2012

Popeye Has Spinache, I Have OMni Mx ......

With going to the gym comes a responsibility to eat correctly. My eating habits have changed drastically because of this project. There are products that I would recommend everyone to try if they have the same goals as I have, and these are:

SCI Mx Omni Mx Hardcore Protein Shake

If you want results, then you don't need to look any further than this protein shake, it has an amazing taste (tastes like milkshake when mixed with milk). The shake gives you fast results if you also work hard in the gym and eat a healthy diet. I chose the 4kg Chocolate flavour, but there are many flavours you can choose from. You can purchase this shake from
Any Health Mantra stores or online at:

Yakult/ Benecol

When my morning starts so does my morning rituals. I drink Yakult and Benecol everyday, because I feel good knowing i've had my vitamins, my shake, and my Yakult/Benecol in the mornings. Personally i've come to notice that Yakult has a funny taste, but the good thing is you do get used to it. Benecol Is much more on the creamy 'healthier milkshake' taste so it is really easy to drink, so you wont have any nasty surprise putting that to your mouth for the first time.You can purchase Benecol and Yakult from all major stores in England.

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