Monday, 13 February 2012

New Project Off And Away

With recent events taking place in my life I made the decision to put my blog on the back burner for a little while, also with this project in mind I definitely wanted to see if readers were still following even though i wasn't posting anything new. Glad to say that im happy to see i have loyal followers and thanks to all the new first time readers as well. The new project I have in mind goes deeper into excersise and fitness, which is my ultimate passion and interest.

This project is me getting myself into shape, I will be posting my diet, sleeping times, my protein shake recommendations as well as  putting the products and myself to the test. This test commenced today and I can safely say it was not a piece of cake. Below is my diet for today.

Woke up  7:30am

Breakfast: 8.00am total calories = 726 kcals
4 scrambled eggs, 2 Smoked Back Bacon, 1 Slice White Bread w Butter, 400ml Whole Milk
Centrum Advanced Vitamin, Cod Liver Oil, C-vitamins, rasperry.

Snack Total Calories = 394kcals
 Sci Mx Omni Mx Hardcore 1/2 Serving w Whole Milk, Kinder Happy Hippo Bar.

Lunch: Total Calories = 698kcals
Grilled Chicken Leg and Thigh w Skin, 1 Portion of Fries, 1 Portion of Salad ( Iceberg lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes)

Snack:Total Calories = 525kcals
Sci Mx Omni Mx 1/2 serving w Whole Milk 400ml.

Dinner: Total Calories = 790kcals
2 Chicken Thighs Baked With Sweet and Sour Sauce w Onions, Green Beans w White Basmati Rice

Snack: Total Calories = 117 kcals
Kinder Happy Hippo Bar

2 litres Of Water

My exercise and eating routines are not for individuals that want to loose weight, I personally have a high metabolism so I easily burn the calories I eat, however my goal now is to gain weight and muscles. 
I can happily announce that for my readers that wants to loose weight, I will also put up my girlfriend (Kristin's) eating and exercise routines, so that I reach out to you readers that also wants to loose weight, burn fat and build muscles without getting big and bulky. Stay tuned for Before and After pictures :)

Kristin's exercise and eating routines:

Woke up: 10:00am
Breakfast: 10:15am, total calories: 374 calories
Special K Cereal - 40g serving with semi skimmed milk approximately 125 ml (173  kcal)
Phd Diet Whey shake - belgian chocolate, 2 scoops with 300 ml water (199 kcal)
Vitamins: Cod oil, C-vitamins, raspberry, centrum advanced vitamin (multi-vitamins)

Lunch: Phd Diet Whey shake - belgian chocolate, 2 scoops with 300 ml water (199 kcal), 2 hard boiled eggs (140 kcal).

Apples, raw with skin (65 kcal), 1 cup chopped, 4-6 strawberries (18 kcal), honey melon.

2 chicken thighs marinated with sweet chili sauce (585 kcal), Rice 50g (259 kcal), mushrooms baked, 1 cup (15 kcal), Green beans baked, 1 cup (21 kcal), Onion baked 1 cup (67 kcal), garlic and Chili + spices

4 litres of water.

Any queries, please ask!

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