Monday, 20 February 2012

Fashion Tip To Start The Week.....

So for this weeks fashion tip, i have pointed out colognes. I know for majority of us guys not putting on cologne is a once in a blue moon issue but I know many who ask me what cologne do I think is amazing. So on that note I have suggested a cologne thats changed my life, I can safely say I am addicted!
I love colognes, currently I have roughly 11 different colognes at my disposal when you reach those types of numbers it gets hard to choose a favourite. But never mind I am here to recommend a cologne i find simple perfect in its depths.

That cologne is Givenchy Play:

Givenchy Play is my pick of colognes currently on the market. I love the sweet smell that comes with it, a smell that shouts 'Oh Yeah' but also gives that feeling of: he smells sweet but good. In jamaiaca where i'm from, a man that smells sweet means that the ladies fall at his feet for 2 reasons:1 he takes care of himself and 2: he obviously values how he is percieved by others. So this cologne is certainly my number 1 recommendation :)

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