Tuesday, 14 February 2012

1st day back in the gym

As I explained in my previous post, fitness is mye current and largest project on my blog. Fitness with all it includes are my biggest passion and finally after recovering from illness and certain happenings in my life I am back in the gym and back to blogging. There are hundreds of fitness blogs and homepages online, however this blog presents real people, real excersise routines, reachable goals and my perception of fitness as well as my results.
Sunday was my first day back in the gym for 3 months and my motto when it comes to the gym is 'Go Hard Or Go Home' so Sunday was not any different. I'm guessing every athlete or person that excersises regularly knows how hard it is to get back into the gym after a long break.

Here is a part of Sunday's workout:

Firstly I stretched all my muscles so my body was prepared for the session, further on: a jog on the treadmill on the speed of 7.8 for 3 minutes (to warm up) and then I proceeded with my attempt of cardio, which lasted 11minutes on speed 10.0. I found it exceptionally challenging today, I experienced coughing and shortness of breath but that didnt stop me.

Pull ups:

This exercise is one of my favourite ones because it works not only the upper back muscles, but depending on your grip, it can also work your biceps and, with a wider grip, it can work your latissimus dorsi (the side muscles on your back) and most of your rotator cuff muscles. After my 6th rep I realised how far i have to go to get back to the place I was when I enjoyed them. The pain was hard but I enjoy the burn. My first set finnished with 12 reps, my second 10 and my final set 8.

Incline Bench:
I started off with 65kg with 12 reps, my 2nd set: 75kg, 10 reps and on my final set i raised it to 95kg and did 8 reps. This process of raising the weight each time gives me a greater challenge, so I thrive on that to push myself.

Hamstring extension machine:

 I can safely say that I hate this machine and this is one of my worst exercises. but working all parts of the body evenly is just as important as balancing a healthy diet and a good nights rest after workouts. I did 10x3 sets with 55kg. Remember: it is better to do a clean full movement on the exercise on a low weight, than half the motion in a higher weight. 

Quadracep extension machine:

I carried myself after the last exercise over to the quadracep extension machine, and this is one of my favourite machines, because coming from a footballing background I naturally have strong quadraceps. 1st set: 75kg, 12 reps, 2nd set: 85kg, 10 reps, 3rd set: 95kg, 8 reps.

With this being my first session in the gym after my illness, I felt quite faint so I finished the session off with two more excerises. I ended the session with a chest excersise; 1st set: 65kg, 10 reps, 2nd set: 85kg, 10 reps and 95kg, 8 reps.

Anyone with the same excersise program as me?


  1. Great work, Andre :)

    1. Thank you :) do you go to the gym as well ? have you had any experiences in the gym, good or bad ?

  2. yo andre... whats up my man.. this is brilliant what u doing.. im gona pinch ur routine if u dont mind... but keep up the good work..bless

    peace x 3RV15 Polokolokoko ;)

    1. Im great a little sore but 'no pain no gain' lol thanks man glad to see someone appreciates what im doing :) of course you can take it, let me know how it works for you after a while ok :) good luck on