Wednesday, 22 February 2012

UFC Undisputed 3

When I purchased this game yesterday I had already heard all the hype behind it. After playing the previous one, where you didnt know if you was going to get out of a submission attemp and subsequently lost games you were winning, I made sure I asked the guy over the counter if this glitch was fixed, and to my delight it was. so I took my card out and 'presto' in my bag it went. I must say the hype behind it isn't all untrue it is an amazing game, graphics are phenomenal, game play is so realistic and the feeling after handing someones ass to them: 'priceless'. If you like fighting games definitely this is my number one reccomendation.

You can purchase this game from all major game retailers and online at :

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Successful Trip to IKEA

The day went really quickly in the hours up to going to Ikea, but as soon as we stepped foot in the building it was as if time stood still. The sun was out when we entered but the sun soon disappeared and turned into clouds. We managed to get the essentials; hangers, baskets and mainly new bedsheets. There's one thing that no man can survive and thats a womans insistive voice : We should get this, we should get that, after a while we all just get broken down by it all. So after getting those essentials we both were quite hungry, so we hit the swedish food market and got some meatballs, and ate a nice meal. My meal was a beautifully cooked piece of duck with some fries and Kristin ate her way through some meatballs and mashed potatoes. All in all, I retured victorious.

Ikea Is The Destination ....

As the alarm went off this morning I knew the inevitable was going to happen : The trip to Ikea, all the men I have known who has ever stepped foot in this legendary place, has never survived the boredom that all succumb too. So as we need stuff for the house, I must lend a hand because I am the brave knight who must come to my damsels rescue. Wish me luck today people :)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Fashion Tip To Start The Week.....

So for this weeks fashion tip, i have pointed out colognes. I know for majority of us guys not putting on cologne is a once in a blue moon issue but I know many who ask me what cologne do I think is amazing. So on that note I have suggested a cologne thats changed my life, I can safely say I am addicted!
I love colognes, currently I have roughly 11 different colognes at my disposal when you reach those types of numbers it gets hard to choose a favourite. But never mind I am here to recommend a cologne i find simple perfect in its depths.

That cologne is Givenchy Play:

Givenchy Play is my pick of colognes currently on the market. I love the sweet smell that comes with it, a smell that shouts 'Oh Yeah' but also gives that feeling of: he smells sweet but good. In jamaiaca where i'm from, a man that smells sweet means that the ladies fall at his feet for 2 reasons:1 he takes care of himself and 2: he obviously values how he is percieved by others. So this cologne is certainly my number 1 recommendation :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

My Mini Shopping Spree ...

I decided to have a day off from gym yesterday which resulted in me joining my girlfriend and bestfriend to Brent Cross for a little shopping spree. Although it was a Thursday the shopping center was packed with children and their parents because of half term this week. I was only joining the girls to have some fun, but ended up with a sweater (from H&M) and a new pair of trainers that I have wanted for a while now (Reebok Real Flex Running Trainers, from Locker Room).  We ended up eating at Nando's to fuel up on some energy before shopping. We shopped non stop for two hours and ended the day at Starbucks laughing and joking about.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Popeye Has Spinache, I Have OMni Mx ......

With going to the gym comes a responsibility to eat correctly. My eating habits have changed drastically because of this project. There are products that I would recommend everyone to try if they have the same goals as I have, and these are:

SCI Mx Omni Mx Hardcore Protein Shake

If you want results, then you don't need to look any further than this protein shake, it has an amazing taste (tastes like milkshake when mixed with milk). The shake gives you fast results if you also work hard in the gym and eat a healthy diet. I chose the 4kg Chocolate flavour, but there are many flavours you can choose from. You can purchase this shake from
Any Health Mantra stores or online at:

Yakult/ Benecol

When my morning starts so does my morning rituals. I drink Yakult and Benecol everyday, because I feel good knowing i've had my vitamins, my shake, and my Yakult/Benecol in the mornings. Personally i've come to notice that Yakult has a funny taste, but the good thing is you do get used to it. Benecol Is much more on the creamy 'healthier milkshake' taste so it is really easy to drink, so you wont have any nasty surprise putting that to your mouth for the first time.You can purchase Benecol and Yakult from all major stores in England.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Diet Day 2

Woke up  8:00am

Breakfast: 8.00am total calories = 435kcals
2 scrambled eggs, 2 Smoked Back Bacon w 1 Laughing Cow Wedge, 1 Slice White Bread w  Lurpak lightly salted Butter, 400ml Whole Milk, Benecol Strawberry Yogurt Drink
Centrum Advanced Vitamin, Cod Liver Oil.

Snack Total Calories = 533kcals
 Sci Mx Omni Mx Hardcore 1/2 Serving w Whole Milk 400ml

Lunch: Total Calories = 493kcals
Baked Chicken Thigh w Skin, 100 g, Butter Brioche Loaf, 500ml Water

Snack:Total Calories = 563kcals (45MINS BEFORE GYM) (1L water at gym)
Sci Mx Omni Mx 3 scoops serving w Whole Milk 400ml.

Snack: Total Calories = 563kcals (WITHIN 20MINS AFTER GYM)

Sci Mx Omni Mx 3 scoops serving w Whole Milk 400ml.

Dinner: Total Calories = 517kcals
Homecooked Traditional Persian Lamb Curry w 120g White Basmati Rice, 500ml Water

Snack Total Calories = 117kcals

Kinder Happy Hippo Bar

2 litres Of Water

Total calories for the day 3,221

His Name Is Jackson...

As I wake up today the memory of my sorely loved dog Jackson has flashed back to mind, but not in the best of thoughts. As I wake up my thoughts bring me back to how we had to give him up because of his bladder problem and his inability to be house-trained. It was sad the day we had to give him up but it had to be done. In the time we had him it made me realise that dogs are truly a mans best friend. :) 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

1st day back in the gym

As I explained in my previous post, fitness is mye current and largest project on my blog. Fitness with all it includes are my biggest passion and finally after recovering from illness and certain happenings in my life I am back in the gym and back to blogging. There are hundreds of fitness blogs and homepages online, however this blog presents real people, real excersise routines, reachable goals and my perception of fitness as well as my results.
Sunday was my first day back in the gym for 3 months and my motto when it comes to the gym is 'Go Hard Or Go Home' so Sunday was not any different. I'm guessing every athlete or person that excersises regularly knows how hard it is to get back into the gym after a long break.

Here is a part of Sunday's workout:

Firstly I stretched all my muscles so my body was prepared for the session, further on: a jog on the treadmill on the speed of 7.8 for 3 minutes (to warm up) and then I proceeded with my attempt of cardio, which lasted 11minutes on speed 10.0. I found it exceptionally challenging today, I experienced coughing and shortness of breath but that didnt stop me.

Pull ups:

This exercise is one of my favourite ones because it works not only the upper back muscles, but depending on your grip, it can also work your biceps and, with a wider grip, it can work your latissimus dorsi (the side muscles on your back) and most of your rotator cuff muscles. After my 6th rep I realised how far i have to go to get back to the place I was when I enjoyed them. The pain was hard but I enjoy the burn. My first set finnished with 12 reps, my second 10 and my final set 8.

Incline Bench:
I started off with 65kg with 12 reps, my 2nd set: 75kg, 10 reps and on my final set i raised it to 95kg and did 8 reps. This process of raising the weight each time gives me a greater challenge, so I thrive on that to push myself.

Hamstring extension machine:

 I can safely say that I hate this machine and this is one of my worst exercises. but working all parts of the body evenly is just as important as balancing a healthy diet and a good nights rest after workouts. I did 10x3 sets with 55kg. Remember: it is better to do a clean full movement on the exercise on a low weight, than half the motion in a higher weight. 

Quadracep extension machine:

I carried myself after the last exercise over to the quadracep extension machine, and this is one of my favourite machines, because coming from a footballing background I naturally have strong quadraceps. 1st set: 75kg, 12 reps, 2nd set: 85kg, 10 reps, 3rd set: 95kg, 8 reps.

With this being my first session in the gym after my illness, I felt quite faint so I finished the session off with two more excerises. I ended the session with a chest excersise; 1st set: 65kg, 10 reps, 2nd set: 85kg, 10 reps and 95kg, 8 reps.

Anyone with the same excersise program as me?

Series Of The Week

It's been a while but i'm glad to say i'm back up and running again and so is my weekly 'series of the week' post. This week's series is one I absolutely adore because its family friendly genre. I enjoy watching this series because it brings me back to my childhood and all my happy memories. It premieres on Americas ABC and is pulling in huge ratings.

As mentioned earlier it is suitable for all age groups and has a good plot with loveable characters. My favourite character in this series has to be Rumpel Stiltskin who has played superbly by Robert Carlyle. I simply adore his freedom with the role and his effortless facial expressions and sinister sounds.

The lead role is played by Jennifer Morrison who is confronted on her 28th birthday by her now 10 year old son Henry who she gave up for adoption after birth and who has been adopted by the wicked witch in a modern town by the name of Storybrook Mayne. All the residents are characters from different fairytales, but the city and the people that lives there have been put under a spell and therefore they have forgotten who they are. The Wicked Witch is played beautifully by Lana Parilla and i must say she plays it with a certain je ne c'est quoi. I can't give this series enough credit, so why not check it out? The show airs in the Uk on Channel 5 this spring or you can do what you have to do to view it earlier :P

Monday, 13 February 2012

Before Pictures

With my new project under way I thought it was only appropriate to put up a before picture, so it is possible to see results along the way. My methods of training may not be suitable for everyone but I find that it brings fast results. If you are after bulking and toning up, feel free to take part in my journey for my ideal body and for my readers who are looking to lose weight you can follow my girlfriends diet and exercise regime and please share your experiences with gaining/loosing weight.
So here it goes.... This is before my first session in the gym and i will be putting pictures up weekly of my progress

Wish me luck :)

New Project Off And Away

With recent events taking place in my life I made the decision to put my blog on the back burner for a little while, also with this project in mind I definitely wanted to see if readers were still following even though i wasn't posting anything new. Glad to say that im happy to see i have loyal followers and thanks to all the new first time readers as well. The new project I have in mind goes deeper into excersise and fitness, which is my ultimate passion and interest.

This project is me getting myself into shape, I will be posting my diet, sleeping times, my protein shake recommendations as well as  putting the products and myself to the test. This test commenced today and I can safely say it was not a piece of cake. Below is my diet for today.

Woke up  7:30am

Breakfast: 8.00am total calories = 726 kcals
4 scrambled eggs, 2 Smoked Back Bacon, 1 Slice White Bread w Butter, 400ml Whole Milk
Centrum Advanced Vitamin, Cod Liver Oil, C-vitamins, rasperry.

Snack Total Calories = 394kcals
 Sci Mx Omni Mx Hardcore 1/2 Serving w Whole Milk, Kinder Happy Hippo Bar.

Lunch: Total Calories = 698kcals
Grilled Chicken Leg and Thigh w Skin, 1 Portion of Fries, 1 Portion of Salad ( Iceberg lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes)

Snack:Total Calories = 525kcals
Sci Mx Omni Mx 1/2 serving w Whole Milk 400ml.

Dinner: Total Calories = 790kcals
2 Chicken Thighs Baked With Sweet and Sour Sauce w Onions, Green Beans w White Basmati Rice

Snack: Total Calories = 117 kcals
Kinder Happy Hippo Bar

2 litres Of Water

My exercise and eating routines are not for individuals that want to loose weight, I personally have a high metabolism so I easily burn the calories I eat, however my goal now is to gain weight and muscles. 
I can happily announce that for my readers that wants to loose weight, I will also put up my girlfriend (Kristin's) eating and exercise routines, so that I reach out to you readers that also wants to loose weight, burn fat and build muscles without getting big and bulky. Stay tuned for Before and After pictures :)

Kristin's exercise and eating routines:

Woke up: 10:00am
Breakfast: 10:15am, total calories: 374 calories
Special K Cereal - 40g serving with semi skimmed milk approximately 125 ml (173  kcal)
Phd Diet Whey shake - belgian chocolate, 2 scoops with 300 ml water (199 kcal)
Vitamins: Cod oil, C-vitamins, raspberry, centrum advanced vitamin (multi-vitamins)

Lunch: Phd Diet Whey shake - belgian chocolate, 2 scoops with 300 ml water (199 kcal), 2 hard boiled eggs (140 kcal).

Apples, raw with skin (65 kcal), 1 cup chopped, 4-6 strawberries (18 kcal), honey melon.

2 chicken thighs marinated with sweet chili sauce (585 kcal), Rice 50g (259 kcal), mushrooms baked, 1 cup (15 kcal), Green beans baked, 1 cup (21 kcal), Onion baked 1 cup (67 kcal), garlic and Chili + spices

4 litres of water.

Any queries, please ask!