Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What Men Find Sexy....

In a recent research done by Cosmopolitan, it is apparently the eyes and lips guys perceive first. No question there's some truth in that but also some mythology to it. Why do i say that ? Well of course guys love a girl with an outstanding set of lips and a perfectly done hairstyle but, truthfully a set of lips can make a guy don't even recognise that you may not have done your hair that day. So as a guy speaking about a set of lips, I guarantee the first thing you notice are her lips. Moving on to the next issue: make up on a woman. There has been a recent trend in bright colourful make up, and I must say that is partly  because of Nikki Minaj and a certain Lady Gaga that started the trend of bright make-up. Because of these two, the recent appearance of girls have switched from the cartooned look rather than the VaVa Voom look.

I must agree with Amanda Redgrave's tip who's a New York Make-Up artist, who suggests that just the right amount of make up makes a woman more feminine. Of course many may believe that the excessive amount of make up suits Nicki Minaj, I agree, however just because it looks good on her doesn't necessarily mean that everyone can pull it off. A normal person does not have the luxury of a beck and call make-up artist, which therefore means that a lot of girls that copies her look, unfortunately turns out looking like something out of a 5 year olds colouring book.

This picture of Beyonce shows how small amounts of make up makes her dazzle in front of the cameras. No doubt she has some of the best make up stylists in the world at her whim, but it doesn't take an expensive make up artist to work on your face to highlight your natural beauty. And on that note i think the answer to what Men find sexy is.... Sometimes a little can go a long way and even further beyond, so next time ladies when you find yourself slapping on an obscene amount of make up, remember that men crave natural beauties, not a painting. We like to imagine that when you take your make-up off you still look as dashing as you did the night before with make-up on! Nothing more beautiful than a woman that can pull off NO make-up!


  1. "...unfortunately turns out looking like something out of a 5 year olds colouring book."
    Haha, spot on.

  2. Yes I must say I'm glad someone else agrees with me :D