Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Stuff I Can't Live Without

There are certain gadgets, things, accessories that I can't leave my house without and that any man should not be able to live without.

Iphone 4: This is definitely one gadget i can't live without, if its in the morning turning over and checking the football news, or even down to getting my daily dose of Facebook it is certainly a gadget that cannot go amiss. A phone that provides me with music, free texting, an unlimited array of apps that supplies me with such apps as internet banking, icalender that prevents me from missing important birthdays and deadlines. I would recommend this for anyone.

You can get iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s for a good price at:

Beats by Dr. Dre, by Monster: The number one most annoying thing I find is travelling on the train or bus and find myself deafened by someone else's headphones, however with the Beats you can listen to music without getting nasty looks from the person sitting next to you! The beats have amazing noise cancellation and are by far one of if not the best headphones on the market. To be able to comprehend the greatness of these headphones you have to try them. The downside of these headphones is that they are absolutely addictive and you will not be able to go back to in-ear headphones after trying these! Some may think that because of their size, it's a hassle to carry them around, however they come with a small neat pouch that you can place it in. You can also get them in lots of different colours, therefore are perfect for both men and women! 
You can purchase the beats here:

Ulvang socks: These are a must especially in the cold times of winter, these were a christmas gift from my girlfriends father and now I can't live without. Made with 100% merino wool, they are made by a norwegian skier (Vegard Ulvang) and are enormously popular in norway. The socks will keep you warm even if your feet get wet. So i highly recommend these.
You can purchase these socks from the UK as well here:

FCUK Watch: A watch is a guys best friend i think, nothing more manly than a nice watch that says all that needs to be said without you saying it, says class and a perfect manly accessory. A good watch can signify someone who has ambition and is going places. Also is a very charming accessory in the eyes of many. There is no secret that women often judge a man according to their watch. An absolute must in my morning routine, before going out and should be for all men.

You can purchase this watch or any other from:

Emporio Armani Belt: An outfit for a guy is not completed without a good belt. One of my favourite designers is Armani that produce good quality belts and hey look trendy, but also smart. A belt you can use as an everyday accessory as well as if you want to dress up!

You can buy Armani belts on sale now from here:

Carmex Lip Balm: Nothing less charming than cracked lips, it doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, that's a social faux pas. Carmex does not dry out your lips like other brands often do, it is small so a man can fit it in their pockets and no one sees that you carry it. Many men might say that lip balm is for females and is feminine to use, however the females I know prefer their man to take care of their lips!


  1. I love those socks! :D They are the best ones! :)

    1. Yes! They are amazing socks! I am totally in-love with them, a christmas present from my girlfriends pappa, a great julegave :)

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