Saturday, 21 January 2012

Songs Of The Week

This Weeks songs of the week because of my illness will be less descriptive than usual but will just be my choice from 5 down to 1.

At number 5: Far East Movement Feat Kerri Hillson- Don't Look Now.

I certainly find this song a great song solely based on the unique combination of auto tune, a great beat and great vocals by Kerri Hilson. I find this song unique and quite spell-binding in its capacity, I enjoy listening to this song because it can be a relaxing song to listen to when you just want some alone time, or it can be that song you sing along to in the shower (What I tend to do a lot ;) ). Although its a great song it gets the fifth place due to great competition from the remaining 4 songs.

At Number 4: Jason Derulo- Don't Wanna Go Home

This song is simply amazing! When I listen to this song I get crazy and simply lose myself in the beat, the iconic beat. A perfect club theme song that everyone simply loves. I can never get enough of Jason Derulo's enthusiasm on this track, and this makes me feel the song on another level. The song deserves a good rating at number 4.

At Number 3: JLS- Do You Feel What I Feel

This song's beat brings me back to my teenage years in the instant, when I put it on. It's amazing; the power behind music, because this song actually makes me feel as if I can sing. (I can't by the way) Beautifully sung, beautifully backed up and a perfect beat choice. This song definitely puts a pep in my step and gives me that good feeling. A quite basic song but as I've said before sometimes less is more, and for this it comes in at 3.

At Number 2:  Example- Natural Disaster

The compilation of this song is simply astonishing. The use of the piano keys and the mixture of electronic beats makes this song 'a must listen to' song. The build up to the chorus in this song is my favourite part, because it allows me to control myself before letting go and completely being free. I can jump, I can sway, I can do what ever I want to and that's why this song is at number 2 this week.

At Number 1: Melanie Fiona- 4am

This song is simply mesmerising and shows the extreme talent of the artist through the simple beat, in the sense that Melanie Fiona's voice is so good that she as an artist does not need a complicated beat to make a hit. She is an amazing singer and showcases this extraordinary talent. The lyrics of the song is what many people may feel they can relate to. It is absolutely a great song and a song I have encapsulated myself in this week. An explosive chorus makes for a truly heart touching song and is a song I certainly recommend to everyone to have a listen to.

I hope all of you are having a Great weekend so far :)

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