Sunday, 22 January 2012

Series Of The Week

All series this week had exceptional episodes and most importantly left me screaming 'Nooo what happens next'. These shows makes great episodes and most importantly great series.

When I finished watching all my series this week with vast amounts of water, tissue, and wrapped up in bed, I can easily put two series at the top. So this weeks series of the week is actually a tie for first place. The first series is : The vampire Diaries. With all that's gone on in the previous 2 seasons, and now we are coming up to the midpoint in the series to reach the penultimate cliffhanger, the many roller coaster ups and downs that goes on in this series makes for a great series to watch. Watching this episode where Claus finally manages to compel Bonnie Bennett's long lost mother into working for him just so he can get his family back from Stefan Salvatore, you start to think "Oh no theres going to be some serious blood that is going to be spilt". But once again the writers never fail to deliver, in the final minutes a message was sent to Damon Salvatore ( Stefan Salvatores brother) by Bonnie Bennett. He manages to remove just one coffin and some might say the most important, which makes Clause really angry. But the twist doesn't end there, in removing the 4th coffin Damon Salvatore not only manages to remove the coffin but also manages to remove the dagger that Clause himself drove into his own brothers chest. So now his brother is awaken and looking like he wants to exact some revenge on his younger sibling. If you do have time watch and leave comments.

And joint first we have: Hell On Wheels

This series is set in 1865, and focuses on the building of the first transcontinental railroad. This building  of which is referred to as 'Hell on Wheels' by the company men, the surveyors, the labourers, the mercenaries, the many others that make the camp their home, even down to the prostitutes. It stars Anson Mount who plays Cullen Bohannon a former Confederate Soldier who got the job as the foreman in a very fortunate way, as he tries to find all the union soldiers that hanged his wife. On this weeks episode Cullen Bohannon managed to 'run into' one of the union soldier who managed to escape him in a previous episode, he gets his revenge only to find out the man was innocent and is now on the run from the law. I recommend watching this series if you are a bit of a history lover or simply if you would just like to have a look back ar how things were.

I hope you enjoy my picks for this week.

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