Saturday, 14 January 2012

Series Of The Week

This weeks been eventful in the series world. This week has been very interesting in the sense of what paths the producers have chosen. I found myself watching a lot of series in one night, catching up on all series I currently follow.
At the current moment i have lost the amount of series I am currently following, they are all american series and every week, friday, I will be putting up my series of the week, and every Monday I will be putting up my prediction of which series that will have the best episode of the week. This week I recommend The Vampire Diaries, with an amazingly good episode. If you have never heard of vampire diaries before then you must be from a different planet, because it has got huge ratings and is currently in its 3rd series. If you have never watched The Vampire Diaries, I recommend that you buy the box set, it is absolutely worth the money!


  1. Love the vampire diaries:) Just read about your blog on Kari's blog.
    Which season are you on?

    1. Ja i absolutely love the vampire diaries too, and I'm currently on the 3rd season the 11th episode of the series, so this is why its reached my number one series of the week. So what series can you recommend for me to watch? :)

  2. SV: :) Norwegian readers is good ;) Of course they like what you're writing. Your blog is COOL :)