Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Protein Shakes Reccomendations

All who know me know I am a gym fanatic and because I study an Undergraduate degree in Sport And Exercise Science, I am frequently asked questions regarding exercise, such as: What is the best protein shakes for the guys and what are the best work out for different parts of the body. And the questions don't ease up when it comes to the women. Frequent questions asked are: What protein shake do i recommend for women? and how do I tone up this part of my body etc etc. So this is the reason I have and will be doing a fitness post at least once a week blogging about my gym exercises, how successful they were, and my recommendations for exercises as well as suggesting exercise tips for women.

For Men:

The protein shake I recommend on the bases of personal experience is; Nutrabolics Mass Fusion.

I highly recommend this protein shake because of the massive success I received through the 12 weeks that I was on it. Please be careful if you decide to take this protein shake because it is 950kcal per serving, which means you have to be highly active so you don't gain 'negative weight'. My goal at the time was to gain mass, so if this is your goal then i strongly recommend this shake. It has an amazing taste and is easy to stomach. At £56.99 i think don't think it is cheap but a bargain in regards to the result you will receive. You can purchase this product online and is worth every penny: http://www.predatornutrition.com/category/brands/nutrabolics/Mass-Fusion-16lb

If your goal is to tone up but be lean then i strongly recommend Bsn Syntha 6. This shake is compacted with a huge amount of good protein that stimulates fat burn and promotes muscle growth, therefore if your goal is toning up and burning fat, Bsn Synthe 6 is the shake for you. I used this a couple of months ago after I gained a little weight after a 6 week back injury, this was my choice of shake. I was recommended the chocolate flavour and personally loved it, it tastes great. For the amazing price of just £29.99, a price that if suitable for anyone. You can purchase this amazing product at : http://www.discount-supplements.co.uk/sports-supplements-whey-protein-bsn-syntha-6-1-32kg

For Women...

I am often questioned by some of the women in my life about protein shakes, especially from the women in my life that wants to loose weight. And I recommend USN's Diet Fuel Ultra lean, ideally made for female body builders. This is a shake that is Low in GI: meaning that you will feel fuller for longer, by this you can workout for longer and it promotes body fat loss and the maintenance of lean muscle tissue.  At a cheap price of just £27.99 its a bargain and great tasting with its strawberry flavour. You can purchase this product here: http://www.usn.co.uk/product/Weight-Loss-Supplements/Diet-Fuel-1kg/18

And finally if you want to gain weight but also wants strength then I recommend Sci-Mx Whey Protein Diet & Toning. If fast results is way you are after, keeping your shape and tonnage then I certainly recommend this shake for women. Building and trimming is two of the main results with this shake as well as strength gain is associated with taking this shake. Flavours are tasty and easy to digest. To purchase this shake: http://www.sci-mx.co.uk/shop-by-goal/diet-body-toning/build-trim-whey-protein/

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