Friday, 13 January 2012

The Now in Mens StyleGuide

Fashion, whether you are into it or not, finding what is hot and what is not, may be hard for some.
Here are a few of my fashion tips;

First up is a t-shirt made by Jack and Jones, a Danish brand that with its large selection of stock and style can cater for all events and meetings. This top is very smooth in its capabilities of being used on nights out and also for everyday use, so you won't find it difficult to wear this top.
Jack and Jones has good prizes, however a huge selection and a variety of different outfits. In this shop you can buy a casual outfit, however also purchase a nice suit.

This Fred Bennet bracelet is my choice of accessory for this T-Shirt,  with this bracelet accompanied by the top above is simple and affordable, it portrays a mature persona, this with a watch preferably a metal banded will make your arms not appear bare. The woven leather takes the thought away from it being cheap and tacky along with the stainless steel clasp which instead shows a bit of sophistication. 

The next on the list are these pair of  Levis jeans, i chose this type of jeans because 'skinny jeans' have taken off in this current trend market. Be careful with the type of jeans because there are many cheaper versions of these Levi jeans that are covered in tacky stitching with unnecessary designs that take away the smart sophisticated look. 

A good jacket that compliments the jeans, the bracelet, and the T-Shirt 
perfectly, the 'buttons design' has come on leaps and bounds in the recent months, and is highly tipped to make a massive surge in the markets in the coming spring. If you are a big person this jacket is perfect because the button design takes the focal point away from your stomach and provides the focus to be on your chest and shoulders, as well as the belt slims your waist-line. Therefore this is one of my favourite part of an outfit.

Finally, I have noticed and been told by women that their boyfriends/ husbands aren't wearing enough scarfs. So because of those comments i have made this my fashion pick of the week. A good scarf can transform a person's idea of you in an instant, This Ralph Lauren scarf is just amazing against the skin. It is made from a 100% merino wool, its unquestionably top quality and is certainly presentable in many venues and encounters. Because of its simple design it makes the outfit complete, in many cases less is more and this is definitely one of those. Its a common colour so it will go with anything.

You can purchase the T- Shirt from:

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