Monday, 16 January 2012

My Predictions Of The Week

After a great selection of TV-shows watched over the weekend, it was hard to pick one series of the week.

Episodes ended really dramatically last week in many shows I watched and i must say that my prediction of best episode of the week must be.......  The Secret Circle

To those who haven't heard of this show, it is created by the producers and directors of The Vampire Diaries, with a cast of an interesting array of looks and personas. It is a new series that only premiered last fall so it is still possible to catch up with the episodes. The storyline is based on 6 young witches that start their own coven, this is done with what appears to be by accident but then later on it is seen it was very much planned. Now they deal with the in-group chemistry, relationship problems and of course supernatural issues. Following the end to last weeks episode, where the reappearance of an old character that departed from the series quite abruptly, leads for an interesting episode this week. I can certainly say that this weeks episode will be more than an interesting one. 

As for music wise, I have been listening to a large array of tracks over the weekend and I can safely say I am in love with a particular track.....

That track is

Labrinth Feat Tinie Tempah- Earthquake

Have a listen :

Why is it so amazing? Well, firstly the unusual flow and the echoing effects is something I find myself drooling over and definitely catch myself head banging to. The next thing I find great is the flawlessly voiced verses which made me unsure if he was singing in the studio or just jamming. The experimenting with different effects made me more than love it, whereas I love an artist who shows creativity in their music. The unique flow of Labrinth, I found mesmerising in its capacities, accompanied by an artist on cloud nine, in Tinie Tempah: regarding his huge recent success on records as back ups and his huge success in America he excelled in his verse, which gave me goosebumps.

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