Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My Predictions For The Week...

My predictions for this week firstly is a bit selfish, but I do hope I will be better and can carry on with my life as usual. But as for the world of entertainment: two pieces of entertainment, has got me under its spell: and those are....

JLS- Harder

For me it currently has great significance being I am ill, it certainly helps me with motivation towards getting well and most of all prevents me from the negative feelings that usually follows you when you are unwell. So I recommend this song for everyone this week for what ever your reason may be. Enjoy!!

And Series I recommend this week is....


If you havent got an idea what Alcatraz is ? It was a prison for the most dangerous criminals in America. This series aired last week and I managed to watched it and must say I was presently surprised by the storyline and by the calibre of certain actors. Who says a series needs big stars to be great, this is proof of that, just one is enough. A drama created by the renowned J.J. Abrams. This has hit-factor all over it and I intend to follow it, so why not follow it with me? :)

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