Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Must listen To Song Of The Week

This is a Top 5 hits list with my five favorite songs this week. I recommend each and every one of these songs!

Number 5: The Wanted- All Time Low

A song that gives me the feeling that anything is possible. A certain feeling of happiness that no one or anything, not even being splashed by muddy water on your way to work, school and university can destroy. So if you are after a song with such capabilities this is definitely up there. A truly motivational song for those bad days where a couple more hours in bed was much more desired, this may be the song to lighten up your mood. This song is on reached number five on my list, absolutely worth listening to!
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 Number 4: Rihanna- Where Have You Been

This song is definitely in its simple of forms lyrically, but it helps hugely by a very good introduction to the upcoming chorus. The dropping of the chorus which brings tingles to my skin listening to, is amazingly created and brings a feeling of being out with my friends and a feeling of euphoria in a club. A Very good song which can also be good to help speed up many everyday task/chores. This song is a definite 4 thumbs up from me.
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Number 3: David Guetta feat Snoop Dog- Sweat

The concoction of a beautiful instrumental by David Guetta,  perfectly voiced verses, and choruses by snoop dog, certainly makes this song addictive. Therefore i rate this song beyond good, in its form of a 'catchy' song you hear and can't stop thinking about. This song is definitely one of my favourites. Whether I'm in the gym and i need that extra push on the treadmill or an extra boost in an everyday environment. This is a must song in the gym. This song deserves the 3rd place.
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Number 2: Big Sean Feat The Dream- Living this Life

The superb combination of a soft voice rapper; Big Sean and the magical voice of The Dream, harmonising a chorus with spot on precision, not to mention a great amount of base that is in a great amount for you base lovers, but is also not overwhelming for the not so keen. A song i have on repeat multiple times of the day and that I never get tired of hearing. I love the expert backing effects and the WOW that song is amazing-effect I get when listening to this song. A must on this weeks list.
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Number 1: Rihanna- Talk That Talk

Finally reaching the number one spot of the week. This is a song that gets my heart pumping by its seductive lyrics but also confident aura. A first verse by Jay Z expertly formulated and confidently delivered. A second and third verse by Rihanna that intentionally gives off that 'give your best shot-attitude' directed towards the guys, and I can say with certainty that this chorus probably gives the ladies a further 2 inches to their already 6 inch Stiletto's, a.k.a some more confidence to strut their stuff. My favourite song of the week and hope it is yours too.
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Feel free to leave comments and suggestions of your favourite songs and if your agree with any of mine.
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  1. You totally forgot to put in a MCFly song ;)) What about Shine a light? Good one!

    1. Haha yeah i must admit i did forget to put that one up! great song!!! maybe it will be in next weeks songs of the week hehe :) Do you have any song suggestions ? :)