Friday, 13 January 2012

My Drink Recommendations

With a party looming tonight i have decided to recommend some of my regular drinks, i will put a range of different types of drinks i like to enjoy on a night out! NB; These drinks are for adults over the age of 18.

First up, and my favourite of them all, is Disaronno and Red Bull. This drink may not be for drinkers who don't prefer a sweet drink but definitely this is my first drink of the night. Drinking this combination together makes for an amazing consistency, smooth going down, especially on the rocks, which is well advised for a great taste. So for me if I'm going out majority of the times this is the drink i tend to stick to all night. So why not try it when you get the opportunity to.

Grey Goose and Cranberry juice is the next on my list, a truly exquisite mixture of tastes. This is a drink that sings to me: "drink me" when Disaronno is not available. It is sharp but smooth, may not be suited for everyone, these two work effortlessly in tandem to create nothing short of a spectacular mixture. If you are a guy then the vodka content doesn't make it seem as girly as when mentioned coupled with cranberry juice and likewise if you are a girl it can bring the craziness of first mentioning that vodka is contained with the Cranberry content. So if you are after up for a kickstart of a good night then i certainly recommend Grey Goose and Cranberry Juice.

Third on the list is the old favourite that is tireless in its resilience to never go disappear . This drink is forever on the shelves at my local Pub/Bar and in my crowd of friends it is always on our tables. A tiresome drink that is Jack Daniels and Coke with its legendary strong smoked smell, dry taste, it still contains the strong kick to it, that many seek on a night out in my group of friends. Jack Daniels is one of my favourite drinks and i always keep a bottle in my cupboard at home.

If the other drinks are not to your tasting, and the venue is a a classy one then why not try a strawberry Mojito. With such ingredients like Bacardi, Mint leaves, Limes topped off by Strawberries makes the taste so irresistibly good. You can drink it with the natural amount of 3 tsp's of caster sugar to it or you can always ask the bartender to add an extra teaspoon for all of you with a sweet tooth.

And my pick of the week is: Tequila Rose Strawberry Tequila 

This is my top tip drink-wise for those who like a shot but also like a smooth taste. This tequila is meant to be drunk as a shot and it is a creamy solution. At the first glance of the creamy shot, you may be a bit put-off, but try to get past the pink colour and I can guarantee that 9 times out of 10 you will be in for a good surprise. It has an amazing taste, i tend to drink this when I'm a little bored of my drink that night. Please be careful in drinking this because it is very deceiving, it slowly gets you drunk, and then before you know it you are legless and can't walk home.
My surprise pick of the week drink

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