Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Introducing The Family.

I was born in the beautiful month of may on the 29th day of the last year of the 80s, 1989 to be precise to a young mother of just the tender age of 16 at the time in the beautiful but highly controversial country of Jamaica.I am in my 3rd year of university studying a BSc in Sports and exercise science, and a Arsenal supporter for life.I am a gym fanatic but recently have taken a break from it because of the christmas holidays (so i can truly enjoy the food).I am back in my 2nd semester of my final year and think its about time to hit the gym again.

I am currently into the last few days of which will then bring up my year long anniversary, a relationship with a one Kristin Rasmussen. Time seems to have just flown by, we have had and amazing year but also some hard times in-between, talking about the summer where we spent apart. She spent the summer in Norway working but I had to spend mine here working as well, it was a hard 3 months, but as we have shown when its true love and hard work combined, it can be done.

                                                                                              Growing up:
It was not always easy growing up in a country deep in political problems and a country on the economical downfall from its independence from Great Britain, jobs were hard to come by and the circulation of money in the what will be called the ghetto in countries with a better bank balance but thankfully i was raised with a family with a great work ethic and a never say die attitude to life.I was practically raised solely by my grandmother who worked 12 hour days, from 6 till 6 on a university campus in the city of Kingston.

She was not always full of energy and but was always happy to come home to take care of me, usually to deal with me after my troublesome days in nursery and the year 1 and 2 of primary school.Some of my early memories of school in jamaica was getting into trouble with the other kids because of the fights i used to get myself into but she was always there to give me the hugs i needed and to ask the most important question “did you beat there ass good?” great woman.

(This Picture is 
of a recent family
get together)

El Queen Bee 
and her loyal subjects

El Capitan; My Mother ; The captain.

This is the woman that brought me into the world, yes this is my mother. She made the i can only imagine incredibly hard decision to allow my fathers sister my aunty to take me from jamaica and to england in 1997 and it was to turn out to be a very good decision.Life  was not always easy but was better than what was available in jamaica.Just the three of us, we was close nit and always supportive of each other. My mother was and still is as i call her a today os ‘El Capitan’, why do i call her that ? because as long as she was in control although storms came she always lead that ship to bay. She held down 2 jobs and was always on the move looking to make my sisters and my life's better, forever in awe of this woman till this day.
Below are just a few photos from a 
family get together. 

My sister and El Capitan!!

  El Queen Bee at the head of the dinner table.


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