Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Friday Night in pictures

Friday night started off with a Party at my house (Kristin), the house was filled with a bunch of our favourite people (lacking some... you know who you are, hint hint Liam!!!), good music and a great atmosphere! In the Norwegian tradition we often play drinking-games which is always a great ice-breaker if there are new people joining us for the first time etc. The night started off well and ended up at the local bar, Claddagh Ring, which is always packed with familiar faces, great music and awesome staff! I thought i would give you a sneak peek of our Friday night (since Andre is feverish and completely lost in a football match and to add a female touch to this testosterone-blog), be aware, there is a slight hint of POSING on most of the pictures ! 

Feel Better, Andre
X Kristin

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