Sunday, 15 January 2012

Day Trip Out

My day out and my personal recommendations:

On my recent trip to my local shopping centre, I chose to go to a restaurant probably not that popular among my circle of friends and this restaurant is called Wagamama. A restaurant with what I think has a reasonable amount of variation in its menu considering it is a noodle bar. The seating I must say may not be ideal for people who ideally want a quiet secluded meal away from the public, because the seating is quite random and you might have to sit in the middle of two parties, however a very friendly mixed gender waiting staff who I find are really polite and attentive. Furthermore meal prices are really cheap but very delicious, I personally recommend the Amai Udon for all of you that may be not so adventurous in eating but want to try something new. So if you like a social eating place, an interesting array of meals, love a restaurant where something is always going on, then this restaurant is my recommendation to you.

Next on the list of my recommendation is

A store that I recently came across, I was pleasantly surprised by the store, the arrangements of the stock and mainly the presentation of it all. The workers on the shop floor was absolutely amazing, they knew about their products and answered all of the questions I asked. I went in their looking for a specific pair of running trainers that I read up about and received a glowing recommendation by my Sports lecturer at University that the Reebok RealFlex Run- Mesh for men and women are the way forward in running technology, I have put both the mens and women versions up. So if you do ever find yourself in Brent Cross why not check out the Locker room.

And finally a trip to the all famous Starbucks was our last stop on our short day trip out. I love Cappuccinos and this time it was my order.

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