Sunday, 29 January 2012

Back In Business...

I have finally recovered from Pneumonia, and i'll tell you, it takes time.. But now I can actually walk to the shop without being completely drained afterwards, you start appreciating the small things in life after being locked up in a flat for two weeks! I am so grateful to see that you all are taking your time to check my blog daily, even though I have forgotten completely about the blog for the past week. Well I'm back now and I thought I would put up some pictures from Friday night, when we celebrated Stine's (my girlfriends bestfriend and my bestfriend) 23rd birthday party, so enjoy and thank you again for the support through my illness and for checking my blog daily!


The Birthday, which was a surprise party, was celebrated at Wine and Bread, an amazing Portuguese restaurant in Hendon, I recommend this restaurant, lovely staff and incredible food, you can take a look at the restaurant here: 
The birthday girl had no clue about the party, which resulted in tears, especially when she saw one of her closest friend (Line) had flown over from Norway to celebrate with her!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

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