Sunday, 22 January 2012

Aren't Marriages Meant To Be For Life?

In this week's news I came across Heidi Klum and Seal's decision to get divorced. After 6 years of marriage and the constant renewing of their vows I honestly thought this one would go the distance. This leads me on to my subject: Why are marriages/relationships these days not lasting the distance? Could it be down to everyone these days being so impatient, that rushing into relationships before getting to know someone properly is the problem? Or is it that very same impatience that makes them leave the relationship ? I don't know what it could be, but I personally think that its down to our generation and the one before don't hold any meaningful relationship values. Example; going back not so far as 30 years, marriages and relationships were seen as a platform to build a life with that chosen person. Fast forward to this present time, we can see in the lower class that there are obscenely high levels of teenage pregnancies and an even higher level of STis. Among the rich and the celebrities, marriages seem to be just a sophisticated relationship and then we have ridiculous marriages that only last 72 days. What happened to till death do us part. I am personally sad at the poor excuses such as 'irreconcilable differences' and 'infedelity' that ruins marriages and sets examples to the public and especially young people that it is acceptable to give up prematurely on a marriage. With the news that Marvin Humes from JLS has proposed to his Girlfriend and the wedding is expected this summer, lets hope this one is successful. The growing trend of express divorces has had a bit of a challenge lately by courts putting them through couples councilling and other measures that the court seems relevant, but in my eyes it is up to us to change the trend, make the saying everlasting love a reality opposed to wishful thinking.

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