Tuesday, 17 January 2012


The month of January is the month of illness, especially here in London! When you look out the window you see green grass, the sun is shining, people with designer sunglasses with colourful clothes and it seems like it is everything, but winter.. However when you leave your house the cold hits you and you instantly regret not wearing your warm winter coat and scarf. This obviously leads to people coming down with colds and flues, including myself. I am currently lying on the sofa with my girlfriend and her best friend, and we are all freezing, sneezing, coughing and feverish. So the day started off good before the cough and fever hit me, so after a quick trip to the pharmacy I am placed in front of the TV with flu medicine and sushi on its way, so my evening involves the following:

I am guessing that I am far from the only one with the flu, so I recommend all of you to drink hot drinks, tea etc., Pop some vitamins, stay warm, eat lots of garlic and chilli and play the 'friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, daughter or son' card for all its worth :) What's your Tips against colds and flus?

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