Sunday, 15 January 2012

1 Year Anniversary

Hooray today I have woken up to my 1 year anniversary, it is a special day for me as I am with a special person that makes my life really happy. So the main question is.... What should I surprise her with on this special day ? There are many questions going through my mind not just today but the months and weeks coming up to today. I have had many ideas, some good, some not so good .... but ultimately I hope what i have decided to do is good enough. I will be uploading pictures of this day either later today or tomorrow, depending on how well the day goes. Thank you all for reading my blog! and you can leave your suggestions on what you did for your 1st anniversary and for so on.


  1. Happy anniversary! YAY!

  2. Tusen Takk Nina :) It has been a great day so far :) hopefully she likes the rest of the day :)