Sunday, 29 January 2012

Back In Business...

I have finally recovered from Pneumonia, and i'll tell you, it takes time.. But now I can actually walk to the shop without being completely drained afterwards, you start appreciating the small things in life after being locked up in a flat for two weeks! I am so grateful to see that you all are taking your time to check my blog daily, even though I have forgotten completely about the blog for the past week. Well I'm back now and I thought I would put up some pictures from Friday night, when we celebrated Stine's (my girlfriends bestfriend and my bestfriend) 23rd birthday party, so enjoy and thank you again for the support through my illness and for checking my blog daily!


The Birthday, which was a surprise party, was celebrated at Wine and Bread, an amazing Portuguese restaurant in Hendon, I recommend this restaurant, lovely staff and incredible food, you can take a look at the restaurant here: 
The birthday girl had no clue about the party, which resulted in tears, especially when she saw one of her closest friend (Line) had flown over from Norway to celebrate with her!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My Predictions For The Week...

My predictions for this week firstly is a bit selfish, but I do hope I will be better and can carry on with my life as usual. But as for the world of entertainment: two pieces of entertainment, has got me under its spell: and those are....

JLS- Harder

For me it currently has great significance being I am ill, it certainly helps me with motivation towards getting well and most of all prevents me from the negative feelings that usually follows you when you are unwell. So I recommend this song for everyone this week for what ever your reason may be. Enjoy!!

And Series I recommend this week is....


If you havent got an idea what Alcatraz is ? It was a prison for the most dangerous criminals in America. This series aired last week and I managed to watched it and must say I was presently surprised by the storyline and by the calibre of certain actors. Who says a series needs big stars to be great, this is proof of that, just one is enough. A drama created by the renowned J.J. Abrams. This has hit-factor all over it and I intend to follow it, so why not follow it with me? :)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Up And About ....

Hey all!
I managed to get out of bed today and had a great day out with my girlfriend. We made a trip of it to my flat to get some of my essentials, and then we decided to go for a little meal. Ive been in bed for nearly a week straight and I was starting to lose my mind, so any trip out for me was welcomed with open arms. I am in the bed now quite tired from the walking we did, but the most important thing is I had fun and got out of the house :)

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Aren't Marriages Meant To Be For Life?

In this week's news I came across Heidi Klum and Seal's decision to get divorced. After 6 years of marriage and the constant renewing of their vows I honestly thought this one would go the distance. This leads me on to my subject: Why are marriages/relationships these days not lasting the distance? Could it be down to everyone these days being so impatient, that rushing into relationships before getting to know someone properly is the problem? Or is it that very same impatience that makes them leave the relationship ? I don't know what it could be, but I personally think that its down to our generation and the one before don't hold any meaningful relationship values. Example; going back not so far as 30 years, marriages and relationships were seen as a platform to build a life with that chosen person. Fast forward to this present time, we can see in the lower class that there are obscenely high levels of teenage pregnancies and an even higher level of STis. Among the rich and the celebrities, marriages seem to be just a sophisticated relationship and then we have ridiculous marriages that only last 72 days. What happened to till death do us part. I am personally sad at the poor excuses such as 'irreconcilable differences' and 'infedelity' that ruins marriages and sets examples to the public and especially young people that it is acceptable to give up prematurely on a marriage. With the news that Marvin Humes from JLS has proposed to his Girlfriend and the wedding is expected this summer, lets hope this one is successful. The growing trend of express divorces has had a bit of a challenge lately by courts putting them through couples councilling and other measures that the court seems relevant, but in my eyes it is up to us to change the trend, make the saying everlasting love a reality opposed to wishful thinking.

Live, Laugh, Love

I think these three words are the foundations that should make up everyones lives. I make sure I live everyday to the fullest, I make sure I laugh at every joke that warrants it and I love all those who are worthy of my love. I hope these words have some significance in your life as well.

Have a great Sunday evening Everyone. :D

Series Of The Week

All series this week had exceptional episodes and most importantly left me screaming 'Nooo what happens next'. These shows makes great episodes and most importantly great series.

When I finished watching all my series this week with vast amounts of water, tissue, and wrapped up in bed, I can easily put two series at the top. So this weeks series of the week is actually a tie for first place. The first series is : The vampire Diaries. With all that's gone on in the previous 2 seasons, and now we are coming up to the midpoint in the series to reach the penultimate cliffhanger, the many roller coaster ups and downs that goes on in this series makes for a great series to watch. Watching this episode where Claus finally manages to compel Bonnie Bennett's long lost mother into working for him just so he can get his family back from Stefan Salvatore, you start to think "Oh no theres going to be some serious blood that is going to be spilt". But once again the writers never fail to deliver, in the final minutes a message was sent to Damon Salvatore ( Stefan Salvatores brother) by Bonnie Bennett. He manages to remove just one coffin and some might say the most important, which makes Clause really angry. But the twist doesn't end there, in removing the 4th coffin Damon Salvatore not only manages to remove the coffin but also manages to remove the dagger that Clause himself drove into his own brothers chest. So now his brother is awaken and looking like he wants to exact some revenge on his younger sibling. If you do have time watch and leave comments.

And joint first we have: Hell On Wheels

This series is set in 1865, and focuses on the building of the first transcontinental railroad. This building  of which is referred to as 'Hell on Wheels' by the company men, the surveyors, the labourers, the mercenaries, the many others that make the camp their home, even down to the prostitutes. It stars Anson Mount who plays Cullen Bohannon a former Confederate Soldier who got the job as the foreman in a very fortunate way, as he tries to find all the union soldiers that hanged his wife. On this weeks episode Cullen Bohannon managed to 'run into' one of the union soldier who managed to escape him in a previous episode, he gets his revenge only to find out the man was innocent and is now on the run from the law. I recommend watching this series if you are a bit of a history lover or simply if you would just like to have a look back ar how things were.

I hope you enjoy my picks for this week.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

I Don't Care How Poor A Man Is; If He Has Family, He Is Rich.

Nothing like some motherly-love when you are ill. I am luckily a lot better after the antibiotics has killed some of the bacterias and the paracetamol keeps the fever down for me, however my mum and my sister travelled up from Essex today to make us soup, spend some time with us and give both me and my girlfriend a motherly dose of love. We had lots of fun, cooking, talking, joking and just enjoying the time together. The evening ended up snuggling up in bed and watching once upon a time together with crisps, muffins and doughnuts.

Sweet potatoes
Jamaican dumplings

Songs Of The Week

This Weeks songs of the week because of my illness will be less descriptive than usual but will just be my choice from 5 down to 1.

At number 5: Far East Movement Feat Kerri Hillson- Don't Look Now.

I certainly find this song a great song solely based on the unique combination of auto tune, a great beat and great vocals by Kerri Hilson. I find this song unique and quite spell-binding in its capacity, I enjoy listening to this song because it can be a relaxing song to listen to when you just want some alone time, or it can be that song you sing along to in the shower (What I tend to do a lot ;) ). Although its a great song it gets the fifth place due to great competition from the remaining 4 songs.

At Number 4: Jason Derulo- Don't Wanna Go Home

This song is simply amazing! When I listen to this song I get crazy and simply lose myself in the beat, the iconic beat. A perfect club theme song that everyone simply loves. I can never get enough of Jason Derulo's enthusiasm on this track, and this makes me feel the song on another level. The song deserves a good rating at number 4.

At Number 3: JLS- Do You Feel What I Feel

This song's beat brings me back to my teenage years in the instant, when I put it on. It's amazing; the power behind music, because this song actually makes me feel as if I can sing. (I can't by the way) Beautifully sung, beautifully backed up and a perfect beat choice. This song definitely puts a pep in my step and gives me that good feeling. A quite basic song but as I've said before sometimes less is more, and for this it comes in at 3.

At Number 2:  Example- Natural Disaster

The compilation of this song is simply astonishing. The use of the piano keys and the mixture of electronic beats makes this song 'a must listen to' song. The build up to the chorus in this song is my favourite part, because it allows me to control myself before letting go and completely being free. I can jump, I can sway, I can do what ever I want to and that's why this song is at number 2 this week.

At Number 1: Melanie Fiona- 4am

This song is simply mesmerising and shows the extreme talent of the artist through the simple beat, in the sense that Melanie Fiona's voice is so good that she as an artist does not need a complicated beat to make a hit. She is an amazing singer and showcases this extraordinary talent. The lyrics of the song is what many people may feel they can relate to. It is absolutely a great song and a song I have encapsulated myself in this week. An explosive chorus makes for a truly heart touching song and is a song I certainly recommend to everyone to have a listen to.

I hope all of you are having a Great weekend so far :)

Friday, 20 January 2012

My Night In The A&E..

Pneumonia is not a good thing, with a raging fever, it was borderline admittance to the hospital. After the early hours of being in the hospital from 1am till yesterday leaving at 8am, in which blood tests were taken, an X-ray of my chest, the oxygen levels was taken from my arteries and being placed on IV drip, the doctors explained that it was probably Pneumonia. Results from the tests were positive but showed a lower respiratory infection, however the doctors were not sure if it was a viral infection or a bacterial infection, because of the blood tests looking good.

I was prodded and poked so they could get the blood they needed. And just my luck (with an intense fear of needles); the first blood sample clotted after trying to draw from the right hand, resulting in 3 more blood tests, including an oxygen level test from my wrist. The doctor warned me that it was quite painful, however after all the poking by then I felt close to nothing..

After many hours of fever, litres of fluid in my vein, a good dose of antibiotics and being taking care of by amazing personnel of doctors and nurses, I felt much better and insisted on going home. The doctor prescribed: At least three litres of water a-day (due to the fact that I was very dehydrated when I came to the hospital), antibiotics 3 times a day, a bunch of paracetamol and ibuprofen to keep my fever down and R-E-S-T. Thankfully I didn't have to stay and after the first night home, my fever is down and I feel slightly better, hopefully i'll be up and running in NO time :D

Anyone experienced pneumonia before? Anyone with an intense fear of needles that can relate to how I felt? Any good tips for a speedy recovery?

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Friday Night in pictures

Friday night started off with a Party at my house (Kristin), the house was filled with a bunch of our favourite people (lacking some... you know who you are, hint hint Liam!!!), good music and a great atmosphere! In the Norwegian tradition we often play drinking-games which is always a great ice-breaker if there are new people joining us for the first time etc. The night started off well and ended up at the local bar, Claddagh Ring, which is always packed with familiar faces, great music and awesome staff! I thought i would give you a sneak peek of our Friday night (since Andre is feverish and completely lost in a football match and to add a female touch to this testosterone-blog), be aware, there is a slight hint of POSING on most of the pictures ! 

Feel Better, Andre
X Kristin

What Men Find Sexy....

In a recent research done by Cosmopolitan, it is apparently the eyes and lips guys perceive first. No question there's some truth in that but also some mythology to it. Why do i say that ? Well of course guys love a girl with an outstanding set of lips and a perfectly done hairstyle but, truthfully a set of lips can make a guy don't even recognise that you may not have done your hair that day. So as a guy speaking about a set of lips, I guarantee the first thing you notice are her lips. Moving on to the next issue: make up on a woman. There has been a recent trend in bright colourful make up, and I must say that is partly  because of Nikki Minaj and a certain Lady Gaga that started the trend of bright make-up. Because of these two, the recent appearance of girls have switched from the cartooned look rather than the VaVa Voom look.

I must agree with Amanda Redgrave's tip who's a New York Make-Up artist, who suggests that just the right amount of make up makes a woman more feminine. Of course many may believe that the excessive amount of make up suits Nicki Minaj, I agree, however just because it looks good on her doesn't necessarily mean that everyone can pull it off. A normal person does not have the luxury of a beck and call make-up artist, which therefore means that a lot of girls that copies her look, unfortunately turns out looking like something out of a 5 year olds colouring book.

This picture of Beyonce shows how small amounts of make up makes her dazzle in front of the cameras. No doubt she has some of the best make up stylists in the world at her whim, but it doesn't take an expensive make up artist to work on your face to highlight your natural beauty. And on that note i think the answer to what Men find sexy is.... Sometimes a little can go a long way and even further beyond, so next time ladies when you find yourself slapping on an obscene amount of make up, remember that men crave natural beauties, not a painting. We like to imagine that when you take your make-up off you still look as dashing as you did the night before with make-up on! Nothing more beautiful than a woman that can pull off NO make-up!

Sneezing, Coughing And Just Not Happy!!!

After seemingly magically catching the flu yesterday it seems to have gotten worse. I am so disappointed as I was looking forward to going back to the gym and feeling these muscles burn. But for now I am wrapped up tightly in bed with a warm cup of Lemsip Max Strength and hoping that it does its job. With a raging temperature and cold shivers, I can only hope all your days are much better than mine has started. As for all of you readers who are sick as well I hope you get well soon.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


The month of January is the month of illness, especially here in London! When you look out the window you see green grass, the sun is shining, people with designer sunglasses with colourful clothes and it seems like it is everything, but winter.. However when you leave your house the cold hits you and you instantly regret not wearing your warm winter coat and scarf. This obviously leads to people coming down with colds and flues, including myself. I am currently lying on the sofa with my girlfriend and her best friend, and we are all freezing, sneezing, coughing and feverish. So the day started off good before the cough and fever hit me, so after a quick trip to the pharmacy I am placed in front of the TV with flu medicine and sushi on its way, so my evening involves the following:

I am guessing that I am far from the only one with the flu, so I recommend all of you to drink hot drinks, tea etc., Pop some vitamins, stay warm, eat lots of garlic and chilli and play the 'friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, daughter or son' card for all its worth :) What's your Tips against colds and flus?

Product recommendation

This week I recommend a product that has an amazing taste and so easy to consume. It helps with replenishing vitamins lost and providing you with a extra energy boost you may need to get you through the day.

The Product....

This is a product that is perfect for me that goes to the gym often and sometimes struggles with energy levels. Its great for aiding me with the vitamins and minerals I may have lost in the session in the gym the previous day so that that my ideal requirements and wants are achieved. I personally like this product because I tend to have a boost in confidence after taking my daily dose,  a more positive feeling towards the day and my upcoming session in the gym.

Protein Shakes Reccomendations

All who know me know I am a gym fanatic and because I study an Undergraduate degree in Sport And Exercise Science, I am frequently asked questions regarding exercise, such as: What is the best protein shakes for the guys and what are the best work out for different parts of the body. And the questions don't ease up when it comes to the women. Frequent questions asked are: What protein shake do i recommend for women? and how do I tone up this part of my body etc etc. So this is the reason I have and will be doing a fitness post at least once a week blogging about my gym exercises, how successful they were, and my recommendations for exercises as well as suggesting exercise tips for women.

For Men:

The protein shake I recommend on the bases of personal experience is; Nutrabolics Mass Fusion.

I highly recommend this protein shake because of the massive success I received through the 12 weeks that I was on it. Please be careful if you decide to take this protein shake because it is 950kcal per serving, which means you have to be highly active so you don't gain 'negative weight'. My goal at the time was to gain mass, so if this is your goal then i strongly recommend this shake. It has an amazing taste and is easy to stomach. At £56.99 i think don't think it is cheap but a bargain in regards to the result you will receive. You can purchase this product online and is worth every penny:

If your goal is to tone up but be lean then i strongly recommend Bsn Syntha 6. This shake is compacted with a huge amount of good protein that stimulates fat burn and promotes muscle growth, therefore if your goal is toning up and burning fat, Bsn Synthe 6 is the shake for you. I used this a couple of months ago after I gained a little weight after a 6 week back injury, this was my choice of shake. I was recommended the chocolate flavour and personally loved it, it tastes great. For the amazing price of just £29.99, a price that if suitable for anyone. You can purchase this amazing product at :

For Women...

I am often questioned by some of the women in my life about protein shakes, especially from the women in my life that wants to loose weight. And I recommend USN's Diet Fuel Ultra lean, ideally made for female body builders. This is a shake that is Low in GI: meaning that you will feel fuller for longer, by this you can workout for longer and it promotes body fat loss and the maintenance of lean muscle tissue.  At a cheap price of just £27.99 its a bargain and great tasting with its strawberry flavour. You can purchase this product here:

And finally if you want to gain weight but also wants strength then I recommend Sci-Mx Whey Protein Diet & Toning. If fast results is way you are after, keeping your shape and tonnage then I certainly recommend this shake for women. Building and trimming is two of the main results with this shake as well as strength gain is associated with taking this shake. Flavours are tasty and easy to digest. To purchase this shake: